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Revenue Cycle Staffing, Financial Recovery and Leveraging “Netback” – Jeff Nieman, CEO

Meduit Special Alert: Medical Debt Credit Reporting Changes Are Coming

Is Artificial Intelligence Living Up to Its Promise?

Strategies for Recovering Revenue from Medicare Bad Debt

Mountain Park Health Center Thrives in Spite of COVID-19

Spotlight on Staffing and Corporate Culture with Darrell Bryant, SVP HR

The Right Mix of Self-service and Full-service Patient Engagement Tools: Meduit’s Podcast Series, Season 2

In Case You Missed It: Atrium and Meduit Team Up at the Healthcare Payments Innovations Conference

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About Meduit

Revenue Cycle Outlook for 2022

Compliance News Update: Regulatory Requirements for Healthcare Collections

A Strategy for Covering the Full Revenue Cycle Back End

Meeting Staffing Challenges in the COVID-19 Era

Recouping More Value from Medicare Bad Debt

Spotlight on RCM Strategies with Greg Rassier, COO

Positive Patient Financial Engagement and the Revenue Cycle

Meduit Achieves a Net Promoter Score of 58!

Build a Strong Career with Meduit

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Key Meduit RCM Factoid

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About Meduit

Financial Resilience in the COVID-19 Era

Regulatory Requirements for Healthcare Collection Practices

Modern Healthcare Lists Meduit in Top 3 Healthcare RCM Companies

Monitoring Patient Financial Satisfaction with Voice Analytics

A Consultant’s Guide to Building Effective Hospital Client Solutions

Spotlight on Technology & Patient Engagement: A Cycle Up Sit Down with Meduit Expert Olivier Witteveen

SARA Is Learning & Growing Exponentially

A Virtual Collection Agency Is Revolutionizing RCM

Advance Your Career with Meduit

Meduit in the News

Key Meduit RCM Factoid

Driving RCM Educational Outreach: Recent and Upcoming Webinars

Tech-powered RCM Solutions Will Lead the Recovery from Jeff Nieman, CEO

Hot Topics in the Healthcare RCM Industry Today

Self-Service Patient Billing Solutions

Meduit Grows National Footprint with Avadyne Health Team

AI Is Changing Healthcare RCM

How COVID-19 Has Changed RCM

How to Accelerate Collections for Physician, Chiropractic & Veterinary Practices

Best Practices for Outsourcing to Drive COVID-19 Recovery

Spotlight on Meduit’s Sartell Office – Team Collects 1,700 Pounds of Food

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About Meduit

2021 Healthcare RCM Outlook: Opportunities and Risks for Provider RCM from Jeff Nieman, CEO

Meduit News Alert: New Regulatory Requirements for Healthcare Collection Practices

2021 Healthcare RCM: Tips for Increasing Cash Flow & Lowering Costs

Conquering Pandemic Losses with AI for Revenue Cycle Management

Bronson Healthcare Taps AI for Key RCM Functions

Professional Claims Bureau, Inc. Joins Meduit

Patients Losing Coverage... Hospitals Losing Reimbursements

A Buyer’s Guide to Selecting the Right AI Solutions Provider

Using HR as a Strategic Business Advantage in a Pandemic and Beyond

Virtual Collection Agency for Underserved Provider Market

Getting Good Grades in Healthcare RCM

Webinars to Change Healthcare RCM for the Better

Transcripts Now Available for Meduit’s Podcast Series

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About Meduit

Meduit’s New Podcast Series

Spotlight on Jason Petrasich, Senior Vice President, MeduitAI

Spotlight on MeduitAI … Interest is EXPLODING

Meduit Named in Top 5 Healthcare RCM Companies

Meduit One Launches to New Market Segment

MedProve Proves It!

Meduit Webinar Update

Meduit Launches SARA Family of Web Bots

RCM Insights: Innovative Solutions to Drive Revenue

COVID-19 Has Changed Everything, the Rise of RCM AI…and More RCM Insights

Artificial Intelligence and Automation Will Save the Revenue Cycle

Leveraging Hospital RCM in a Healthcare Crisis

Conference Buzz & Meduit Webinars

Medical Transport Companies and RCM

How Hospitals Should Prepare to Manage the Revenue Cycle Post-Pandemic

Spotlight on Roberta Schultz and the Sartell Office

Meduit Wins Gold & Silver Awards for Cycle Up

Test Drive Meduit’s New RCM Health Calculator

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About Meduit

Tips for Choosing the Right Medical Billing Service

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Insurance Outsourcing: A Race Against Time

About Meduit

Spotlight: Meduit’s Grady Health System Team Lends a Hand

Conference Buzz

Reducing the Burden of Patient-Facing Administrative Tasks

Meduit Makes Multi-Million-Dollar Investment in Healthcare AI Solutions

Harnessing the Power of Predictive Analytics to Drive Cash Flow

Remodeling the Healthcare System with AI…and More RCM Insights

What Are Healthcare Leaders Doing to Lower Costs and Drive Revenue?

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About Meduit

New RCM Solutions Positively Impact Cash Acceleration

What is the Four-Letter Word in Hospital RCM:  DENY! How to Manage Your Insurance Denials with Payors

Meduit Changing Lives in Liberia

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Hot Trends in Revenue Cycle Management: Robots and AI / Partnership and Provider Control

The Future of RCM Innovation: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The RCM Buzz: The Hopes and Headaches Healthcare RCM Execs are Talking About Across the Country

Leadership Profile:  How to Find Gold in a Stream of RCM Distractions

How Healthy is Your Revenue Cycle?

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Insights and News From Meduit

Robotic Process Automation and RCM

Case Study Snapshot

Meduit Leadership Profile: Interview with Eric Coats

How to Manage the Upsides & Downsides of Payor Contracts

Submitting Clean Claims


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