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Helping Hospitals Avoid Credit Downgrades

Posted by Meduit RCM on Oct 26, 2022 1:57:17 PM

iStock-186875447Credit ratings for some hospitals and health systems have declined since June, as reported by Becker’s Hospital CFO Report.1 The credit downgrades are tied to capital expenditures and cash flow issues over the last several months.

Hospitals and health systems can help prevent this from happening by identifying and collecting on previously unknown opportunities. Meduit has created a checklist of areas to consider to address your biggest challenges.
  1. Staffing challenges such as high turnover or inability to identify and hire qualified candidates
    Solution 1: MeduitAITM
    Solution 2: Outsourcing unworked accounts to Meduit:
  2. High cost of collecting on high account volume and backlog accounts
    Solution: Supervised Autonomous Revenue Associate (SARA)
  3. Disjointed patient payment experience
    Solution: The Right Balance of Self-service and Full-service Patient Payment Options to Maximize Collections
  4. Missed revenues from niche areas such as Medicare and Medicare Bad Debt
    Solution: Meduit F2 Healthcare Medicare Bad Debt Recovery
  5. Managing multiple vendors for revenue cycle support
    Solution: MedComplete

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