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Meduit Makes Multi-Million-Dollar Investment in Healthcare AI Solutions

Posted by Meduit RCM on Feb 26, 2020 3:31:48 PM

As a national leader in revenue cycle management, Meduit is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that help customers transform their accounts receivable and accelerate cash. Healthcare leaders across the country are looking to AI as the future of revenue cycle management.


That is why Meduit has made a multi-million-dollar investment in AI solutions that support improved financial health as well as clinical and operational results. As part of this investment, Meduit selected Jason Petrasich to lead the MeduitAI™ team.

Mr. Petrasich joined Meduit on December 2, 2019, and is a seasoned professional in the healthcare AI universe. Under his leadership, the company is partnering with customers to build new AI-driven solutions that impact all areas of the revenue cycle.

The MeduitAI slate of solutions are designed to reduce human touches, lower cost, increase accuracy and collect cash faster thanks to more efficient, automated processes. MeduitAI includes the following revenue cycle solutions fueled by AI:

  • MedAutoCode: Autonomous clinical coding that leverages AI and natural language understanding to eliminate manual processes and increase accuracy
  • Voice Analytics: Analyzes collections calls to hospital, health system and physician patients to drive better patient experiences on behalf of hospital and physician client
  • Automated Preauthorization: Automatically submits an authorization, including required clinical information, when triggered by a new order or schedule entry
  • Automated Claims Follow-Up: Goes beyond a simple claim status and determines and executes the next action needed in order to get that claim resolved (in development)
  • MedProve Suite of Solutions: Leverages predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to help providers prioritize work and optimize resources

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