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Meduit Named “Endorsed Partner of the Year for 2023” by TMSI

Posted by Meduit RCM on Jun 7, 2023 2:24:11 PM

torch_imageSince 2009, Meduit has been an Endorsed Partner to TORCH (Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals) Management Services, Inc. (TMSI).

TMSI Endorsed Partners provide significant support to its member hospitals in their service and performance. Each year, TMSI selects and awards an Endorsed Partner of the Year that has made significant contributions during the year to member hospitals’ success with savings, productivity and customer service.

We are pleased to announce that TMSI has named Meduit “Endorsed Partner of the Year for 2023” for making significant contributions to TORCH member hospitals.

Meduit joins TMSI in thanking Lisa Keffer, Meduit Relationship Manager, for her tireless efforts and outstanding work with TORCH hospitals.

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