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Three Effective Solutions for Recovering Missed Revenue: AAHAM Summer Article

Posted by Meduit RCM on Oct 25, 2023 4:14:48 PM

CycleUp_October_Eblast_05While healthcare provider margins are slowly ticking up this year, most hospitals, health systems and physician groups ran negative numbers in 2022. In fact, last year was the worst financial year in history for providers.

In spite of recent financial stresses, there has never been a better time to identify and recover missing revenue. Many organizations have well over $1M in cash owed to them that they can claim and collect.

In the Summer 2023 edition of AAHAM’s The Journal of Healthcare Administrative Management, Meduit CEO Jeff Nieman shares the top three areas that healthcare organizations tend to overlook when it comes to missed revenue:

  • Government Reimbursement
  • Zero Balance Review
  • Federal and State Charity Programs

Download your copy of Three Effective Solutions for Recovering Missed Revenue and get strategies for identifying and collecting critical cash missing from your bottom line here:

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