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MedProve Proves It!

Posted by Meduit RCM on Oct 23, 2020 9:19:04 AM

MedProveTM prediction solutions leverage predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to help providers direct resources smartly, reduce claim denials and work more efficiently with patients who qualify for charity programs.

MedProve solutions drive an average of 15% and as much as 40% increase in collections.

How do these solutions perform in real world settings? We’ve got the numbers.

Meduit clients who have deployed MedProve solutions have seen an average of 15% and up to 40% lift in collections. MedProve works in tandem with the provider’s existing staff to help identify where and how to prioritize work and optimize resources to get the most return from accounts receivable.

MedProve solutions include:

  • MedProve PatientTM: Predicts a patient’s propensity to pay to help optimize collection efforts so providers can focus billing resources on the patients who need the most attention.
  • MedProve PayerTM: Helps providers reduce denials by intervening with a claim before the payer can delay or deny the claim
  • MedProve CharityTM: Generates a presumptive score to help providers focus resources on patients most likely to qualify for charity program 

“By utilizing scores and advanced predictive analytics, we’ve been able to deliver better performance and help providers resolve accounts receivable cheaper, faster and more accurately,” said Meduit CEO Jeff Nieman.

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