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Ongoing Challenges for Hospitals, Health Systems and Physician Groups from Jeff Nieman, CEO

Posted by Jeff Nieman on Oct 26, 2022 1:59:41 PM

Nieman_PhotoAfter nearly three years of dealing with the unrelenting impact of COVID-19, hospitals, health systems and physician groups across the nation are continuing to grapple with:

  • Financial instability
  • Staffing issues related to RCM and processing accounts
  • Patient satisfaction and retention
  • Missing revenues

These issues are not going away for 2023. They require the work of constantly innovating solutions to address the revenue cycle. Our goal at Meduit is to drive our offerings to do more to meet your current needs while staying a step ahead of emerging revenue cycle challenges.

For us, that means pushing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to deliver dynamic results faster and more efficiently, digging into niche areas to identify and recover missed revenues, evolving patient engagement strategies to help our clients meet patients where they are, and more.

You’ll see these challenges addressed in this issue of Cycle Up, and I invite you to read about:

  • Support for staffing shortages through AI solutions
  • Strategies for balancing self-service and full-service patient payment solutions
  • Tactics for avoiding credit downgrades
  • Help for recouping more value from Medicare and Medicare Advantage bad debt
  • Update on compliance news
I hope you find this issue of Cycle Up useful for your enterprise. As always, the Meduit team is ready to serve your revenue cycle needs with our leading-edge solutions designed to provide financial health and stability in an ever-changing healthcare environment.
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Cycle Up