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AI Delivers Support for Staffing Issues and Revenue Acceleration

Posted by Meduit RCM on Oct 26, 2022 1:59:26 PM

This article first appeared in the AAHAM Summer Journal and was authored by Jason Petrasich, Sr. VP of AI for Meduit.

When a large healthcare system in the upper Midwest struggled with staffing and resource challenges due to the impact of COVID-19, they engaged an expert artificial intelligence (AI) revenue cycle management (RCM) provider to drive support for staffing shortages, solve specific RCM problems and accelerate account resolution. The partnership leveraged AI across the following areas to drive efficiencies, reduce cost and accelerate revenues collected.

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Spotlight on Strategies for Financial Sustainability, Randy Tempest - SVP of Sales and Relationship Management

Posted by Meduit RCM on Oct 26, 2022 1:58:44 PM

In each edition of Cycle Up, we sit down with one of the leading voices in the company. In this issue, we’re talking with Randy Tempest, SVP of Sales and Relationship Management, to talk about strategies for mitigating revenue cycle challenges.

Randy likes to be active and spend time with his wife of 28 years, Laurie, as well as their two sons and daughter-in-law. He loves all kinds of sports and is training for another run this fall in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. He is passionate about serving in the mission field.

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MeduitAI’s SARA Achieves Milestone of 100 FTEs

Posted by Meduit RCM on Oct 26, 2022 1:58:06 PM

MeduitAI’sTM technology SARA – short for Supervised Autonomous Revenue Associate – is now performing the work of 100 full-time employees (FTEs) through automation. SARA is working inside the RCM systems of leading hospitals and has been exponentially increasing productivity as she continually “learns” through targeted specific automated tasks.

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Compliance News Update - New State Privacy Legislation on the Horizon

Posted by Meduit RCM on Oct 26, 2022 1:57:51 PM

As we move through the fall season, many states have wrapped up their legislative sessions or are quickly approaching the end of their sessions. Each year we see more states focus on state-level bills that establish regulations designed to further protect individual constituents’ PII, PHI and other data security areas.

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An Examination of Self-Service Patient Billing Solutions: Are They Really the Answer to Maximizing Revenue?

Posted by Meduit RCM on Oct 26, 2022 1:57:29 PM

A 600+ bed health center with 26 locations across 25 counties in the Southwest changed its patient payment approach from full-service to digital-only (self-service), resulting in decreased patient satisfaction and lower collections.

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Helping Hospitals Avoid Credit Downgrades

Posted by Meduit RCM on Oct 26, 2022 1:57:17 PM

Credit ratings for some hospitals and health systems have declined since June, as reported by Becker’s Hospital CFO Report.1 The credit downgrades are tied to capital expenditures and cash flow issues over the last several months.

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Podcast 3 – The Latest and Greatest in AI for Revenue Cycle Management

Posted by Meduit RCM on Oct 26, 2022 1:56:58 PM

Episode 3 (Season 2) of Meduit’s award-winning podcast series – The Latest and Greatest in AI for Revenue Cycle Management – is now live.

In this podcast, Jeff Nieman, CEO of Meduit, and Jason Petrasich, Meduit’s Senior Vice President of Artificial Intelligence, discuss strategies for leveraging AI to deliver measurable results to the bottom line.

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In Case You Missed It – Meduit Webinars

Posted by Meduit RCM on Oct 26, 2022 1:56:19 PM

Meduit has been busy on the webinar front. In case you missed our recent webinars, you can watch them here:

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Key Meduit RCM Factoid

Posted by Meduit RCM on Oct 26, 2022 1:55:57 PM

F2 Healthcare (a Meduit company) finds missed revenue 100% of the time from niche accounts such as Medicare and Medicare Advantage. F2 averages $2.2 million in new value found per client. If the F2 team does not find any missed value for providers, there is no charge.

Learn more about recovering missed revenue for your hospital or health system:

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We Want to Know What You Think

Posted by Meduit RCM on Oct 26, 2022 1:55:43 PM

Have comments or questions regarding an article in this issue or a topic you’d like our editorial team to consider for an upcoming issue? Send us your thoughts at And be sure to like and follow us on social media:

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