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Medical Transport Companies and RCM

Posted by Meduit RCM on Jun 17, 2020 7:57:28 PM

As one of the nation’s leading revenue cycle solutions companies, Meduit has a proven track record of driving accounts receivable for patient transport providers. We have published a compelling case study that demonstrates how a nine-state ambulance company accelerated its cash by over 25% by partnering with Meduit.

The ground ambulance provider featured in the case study operates 24 bases across nine states in a large region of the country. They are a high-volume, low-cost ambulance provider with balances on average of $700 or less, and transport approximately 175,000 patients each year.

The company needed to outsource its self-pay and self-pay after insurance accounts in order to increase internal efficiencies and dedicate resources toward excellence in patient transport.

To achieve the company’s goals, Meduit drafted a strategy that included:

  • Working as a seamless extension of the client’s own system
  • Scoring propensity to pay accounts for best return and prioritizing those accounts
  • Engaging technology for automation of statements
  • Tracking outgoing letters to patients with pinpoint delivery and automated return mail
  • Identifying and prioritizing patients who were best served by a phone call right out of the gate and delaying calls to patients not requiring a phone call, reducing courtesy calls to patients that did not need them and resulting in fewer patient complaints

Because we were working as a true partner with our client, when patients had questions about their balance the Meduit team could immediately provide complete and accurate answers with full authority and confidence because we had access to the ambulance provider’s system.

As the ambulance transport provider continued to add new locations, they awarded Meduit 100% of the new revenue cycle business based on the success of the self-pay and self-pay after insurance results.


Download the full case study here

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