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Effective Solutions for Recovering Missed Revenues - Found Money Services

Posted by Meduit RCM on Jun 7, 2023 2:26:05 PM

img01While 2022 was the worst financial year in history for hospitals, health systems and physician groups, the good news is that there is no better time than now to recover missed revenues. In fact, most provider organizations are owed millions of dollars that they either are not aware of or don’t have the staff and technology to recover.

That is why we’ve launched a new solution set – Found Money Services – to help providers locate and recover the revenues they are owed.

Meduit’s Found Money Services are a group of multiple solutions that find and collect cash, including:

  • Meduit Government Reimbursement: Identifies and collects every dollar missed in Medicare, Medicare Advantage and other uncompensated care (S-10) reimbursement areas
  • MedAccuPayTM: Locates unpaid and underpaid balances from closed patient accounts from all types of payers
  • MedQualifyTM: Identifies patients eligible for Medicaid and other charity enrollment opportunities 

Our Found Money Services overview document, Effective Solutions for Recovering Missed Revenue for Hospitals, Health Systems and Physician Groups details how this solution set works to add significant dollars to a healthcare organization’s bottom line. Learn more here: 

Learn more here

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