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Strategies for Recovering Revenue from Medicare Bad Debt

Posted by Meduit RCM on Jun 15, 2022 1:25:44 PM

Recovering_RevenueHealthcare providers’ revenue reporting processes correctly report most of net revenue. However, missed value from niche, high-value areas such as Medicare Bad Debt (MBD) often go uncollected and unreported..

With the right strategies in place, missing revenues from MBD can be successfully recovered. Consider leveraging the following:

  • Automated algorithms that dig deep into the hospital/health system financial data
  • Actionable analytics that identify every dollar owed to the organization
  • Technology and expertise that combines these data sets to report and recapture value
Through Meduit’s Medicare Bad Debt Solutions provided by newly acquired F2 Healthcare, our team has 100% success finding additional value with clients. We typically recover significant dollars, averaging more than $1M per client. Our team leverages a combination of proprietary technology and expert-driven service to analyze, identify, resolve and recover MBD.
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