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New RCM Solutions Positively Impact Cash Acceleration

Posted by Meduit RCM on Aug 31, 2019 11:45:01 AM

At Meduit, being the best at delivering core RCM services made us who we are today, but so did listening to our healthcare clients, which is why we are constantly developing new ways to help them achieve and exceed their revenue cycle goals. 

Here are a few new solutions designed to ensure that healthcare providers don’t leave money on the table while helping patients get the coverage they deserve and pay for their portion of healthcare expenses.

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Autonomous clinical coding that leverages AI and natural language understanding to eliminate manual processes and increase accuracy

  • Charts fed from EMR to MedAutoCode which automatically identifies and captures every clinical aspect of chart.

  • Understands the most accurate code to use.

  • Requires fewer than 5 seconds to code a patient chart with no human intervention.

  • Reduces human downtime (no PTO or sick time).

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A comprehensive payment solution that works for patients and providers

  • Many patients have trouble paying their medical bills.

  • MedEZPay helps by connecting patients to lenders with zero to low interest loans and no credit check.

  • Patients receive payment upfront with no need to discount services.

  • Lender works with the patient to set monthly payments that fit the patient’s budget.

  • All patients qualify and can build and improve their credit.

  • No surprise fees or payment penalties. It’s a win-win for patients and providers.


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Identifies and recovers unpaid and underpaid balances from closed patient accounts

  • Formerly called Meduit Zero Balance Review, MedAccuPay identifies unpaid and underpaid balances from closed patient accounts from all types of payors, including government, commercial and self-funded.

  • Identifies a full 1% to 2% on average of a hospital’s net revenue in additional collections.

  • Meduit applies our expertise to collect those revenues.

  • The best part: our fee is on a contingency basis, so if we don’t find anything, you don’t pay anything.

To learn more about how these new Meduit products and services can help you recover cash and send it straight to your bottom line, call (877) 615-6260 to speak to a Meduit RCM solutions expert.

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