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Tech-powered RCM Solutions Will Lead the Recovery from Jeff Nieman, CEO

Posted by Meduit RCM on Jun 15, 2021 3:00:00 AM

Nieman_PhotoNew COVID-19 cases nationwide have fallen to their lowest level since September, with approximately 38,000 additional infections recorded each day, according to the New York Times. The U.S. COVID-19 test positivity rate dropped to 3.6% in May (seven-day average reported by Johns Hopkins University). Now that we’re beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we’re entering a new phase, focused on recovery. 

Getting through the pandemic required thinking outside the box and creating new ways of keeping staff and patients safe while staying alive financially. As we begin recovery, many of our clients tell us that they need to drive revenues and cut costs in order to rebuild their bottom line in support of patient care. Tech-powered technologies infused with artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) hold the key to that financial recovery across large health systems, independent hospitals and physician practices of all sizes. These solutions are ushering in a new digitally powered revenue cycle dimension where providers can generate more cash faster without lifting a finger.

Meduit’s mission has always been to develop and deliver game-changing revenue cycle solutions. Over the last year, our team has leveraged AI and RPA to respond to revenue cycle management (RCM) needs, weaving those technologies throughout our solutions across the revenue cycle. These tech-powered solutions have landed at the right place and the right time. Why?  Tech-powered solutions:

  • Effectively and efficiently drive revenues with advanced technologies across the revenue cycle
  • Free people to focus on more complex RCM challenges
  • Allow providers to drive cash faster without the cost of additional full-time staff

What’s even more exciting is that the technology isn’t static. Our ability to develop tech-powered solutions is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. When we deploy those solutions, the technology itself independently learns and expands the depth, breadth and speed of its own capabilities.

In this edition of Cycle Up, we share how providers are utilizing tech-powered solutions to build resilient organizations that are prepared for the new normal and tomorrow’s challenges. With automation, apps, SARA, outsourcing and more, you’ll find essential information on tapping an array of tech-powered solutions designed to support the financial health and recovery of hospitals, health systems and physician group practices. 

I hope you find this issue of Cycle Up useful and informative. 

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