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Meduit Launches Three New RCM Solutions to Drive Healthcare Provider’s Cash

Posted by Meduit RCM on Dec 6, 2019 3:00:00 PM

Meduit is dedicated to making vital contributions to the financial, operational and clinical health of hospitals and large physician practices by delivering expert, efficient and innovative RCM solutions. That is why we've launched three new revenue cycle solutions that help accelerate cash for healthcare providers: MedScheduling, MedQualify and MedValidate.


Healthcare organizations are increasingly challenged with arduous patient-friendly scheduling services that enhance the patient experience and stay in front of compliance and regulatory oversight. Meduit’s MedScheduling is a compliance focused solution that delivers comprehensive, patient-centered scheduling that allows seamless transactions between the patient and the provider.

MedScheduling includes:

  • Flexible staffing solutions and highly trained, patient-friendly, compliant representatives scheduling physician outpatient primary and specialty care, radiology and rehab appointments
  • Additional services that enhance the value of interaction such as:
    • Insurance verification
    • Patient co-pay education
    • Authorization/denial management services
    • Preventative care recommendations
  • Defined quality assurance program and performance reporting to ensure high quality outcomes such as:
    • Appropriate patient interactions
    • Correct patient procedure planning
    • Best practice patient times and abandonment rates
  • Technology enabled solutions that allow seamless and nimble transactions between the patient and healthcare provider


The increasing number of uninsured patients, eligibility determination complexities and Medicaid billing challenges adversely impact the ability of healthcare providers to receive appropriate reimbursement for services. MedQualify is hands-on, onsite Medicaid eligibility assistance on behalf of hospital patients that decreases unpaid bills, drives hospital cash flow and increases patient satisfaction.


  • Decreases days in accounts receivable with hands-on, onsite eligibility assistance for patients
  • Assists completion of Medicaid application and obtaining supporting documents
  • Establishes working relationships with Social Security Disability Insurance and Medicaid offices
  • Increases follow-up to ensure timely eligibility determination
  • Supports patients in cases of appeals and fair hearings


Payors require pre-authorization to determine if they will reimburse healthcare providers for a certain treatment before it can be administered. For providers, pre-authorization and pre-registration prior to patient treatment can pose administrative burdens that tax staff and have the potential to delay access to care.

MedValidate handles these administrative tasks for providers so they can focus on providing excellence in patient care.

  • Confirming prior authorization for specialty procedures, high cost medications, same-day surgeries and more
  • Confirming appointment, insurance coverage and benefits, registration information and more

These three new RCM solutions from Meduit are designed to accelerate cash to the healthcare provider’s bottom line. To learn more about how Meduit can transform your revenue cycle, call: 877.615.6360.