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National Revenue Cycle Leader Meduit Launches Meduit One for Healthcare-Related Individual & Small Group Practices

Posted by Meduit RCM on Oct 28, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Charlotte, NC – Meduit, one of the country’s top five healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions companies, announced today the launch of Meduit One – the new revenue cycle solution self-driven automatic “app” powered by Meduit’s ground-breaking technology. The Meduit One “app” is designed to accelerate cash for healthcare-related individual and small group practitioners efficiently and conveniently.

Meduit One resolves aged accounts that would fall into bad debt if not resolved and is designed to support individual practitioners, small group practitioners, specialty practices, primary care physicians, chiropractors and dental practices.

“Many small practices are not making outbound efforts to collect patient receivables and as a result, those accounts are in danger of being lost to bad debt,” said Jeff Nieman, Meduit CEO. “Meduit One gives healthcare-related individual and small group practitioners access to easy, convenient and highly effective revenue cycle solutions that quickly increase cash flow into the practice.”

Unworked accounts require specialized experience for resolution, and collectability declines over time. Working aged accounts sooner rather than later is critical. The Meduit One app automatically drives cash for providers by resolving their accounts faster, cheaper and more efficiently than they can do themselves.

“Meduit’s client-focused approach to RCM leading-edge solutions drive revenue and resolve accounts to support our healthcare providers’ financial health,” said Eric Day, Meduit One Relationship Manager. “The financial reward to the organization more than offsets the low cost of outsourcing those accounts.”

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