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MedProve Drives 18.4% Average Increase in Collections – A Case Study

Posted by Meduit RCM on Nov 12, 2020 5:00:00 AM

At Meduit, we know that hospitals, health systems, and physician groups are up against unprecedented financial pressures from COVID-19. That is why we continue to innovate with revenue cycle solutions that help providers recover financially and accelerate cash.

The MedProveTM suite of solutions leverages advanced predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to help providers direct resources effectively, reduce denials, and work efficiently with patients who qualify for charity programs.

In our recently published case study How to Increase Your Self-pay Cash and Reduce Bad Debt by Double Digits, we tested the efficacy of the MedProve solutions with several clients beginning in February 2020.

Utilizing MedProve, the average increase in collections = 18.4%.

These results demonstrate that the MedProve suite of solutions can help insulate hospitals from the negative impact of events such as COVID-19 and drive financial health.

MedProve solutions include:

MedProve PatientTM: Predicts a patient’s propensity to pay to help optimize collection efforts so providers can focus billing resources on the patients who need the most attention

MedProve PayerTM: Helps providers intervene with a claim before the payer can delay or deny the claim in order to reduce denials

MedProve CharityTM: Generates a presumptive score to help providers focus resources on patients most likely to qualify for charity programs

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