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Accelerate Cash Virtually with Meduit One

Posted by Meduit RCM on Jan 11, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Unresolved accounts become less collectible over time. Without timely intervention, those accounts risk falling into bad debt.

Meduit One is a virtual collection agency that allows stand-alone hospitals, critical access facilities and physician practices to expedite account resolution and drive revenue efficiently while only paying for success.

When a short-term, 15-bed, acute care hospital in the Southwest looked to reduce the average age of its unresolved accounts, hospital leadership enrolled in Meduit One.

By leveraging Meduit One’s expertise and technology, the hospital was able to achieve:

  • Accelerated revenue
  • Reduced average age of accounts
  • Greater patient engagement from Meduit One’s patient-centered, compassionate team
  • Access to real-time detailed reports and account activity documenting daily, weekly and monthly performance

Meduit One reduced the average age of the hospital’s accounts from 312 days to 240 days, a decrease of 23%.

Learn more about how Meduit One resolves aged accounts and accelerates revenue in our white paper: Hospital Drives Higher Collections with Meduit One.

DOWNLOAD the White Paper Here