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A Comprehensive RCM Solution from Initial Billing to Account Resolution

Posted by Meduit RCM on Jun 20, 2022 9:00:00 AM

Is your hospital or health system missing a comprehensive picture of back-end account resolution? We created MedComplete as a full revenue cycle offering that spans the entire back-end from insurance billing all the way through to accounts and patient liability resolution, while identifying and quantifying improvements in collections along the way.

By consolidating all solutions into one service platform, MedComplete helps drive operational efficiencies and overall financial results while simplifying administrative burdens.

MedComplete helps solve internal revenue cycle operational issues, including:

  • Staffing challenges
  • Workflow issues
  • Lack of sophisticated technology and automated tools
  • System or technology platform challenges
  • Poor financial performance

MedComplete provides staffing continuity, trained resources and certified credentialed expertise to drive the back-end of the revenue cycle. We deliver proven best practice processes to achieve seamless workflows. Our proprietary technology and automated tools come with no capital expense. We have multiple systems expertise combined with the ability to integrate several data sources into a single consolidated platform, and we ensure contractual commitment with KPIs, SLAs and HFMA MAP metrics.

Learn more about how MedComplete can support your organization’s revenue cycle back-end:
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