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COVID-19, Artificial Intelligence and the Revenue Cycle

Posted by Meduit RCM on Sep 10, 2020 8:16:56 PM

Meduit Introduces SARA

Continuing to manage the revenue cycle now and in the future will be even more vital as hospitals, health systems and physician groups deal with the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. One thing is clear – hospitals cannot go back to business as usual, and that includes revenue cycle management (RCM).

COVID-19 has inadvertently set the table for AI to transform the revenue cycle. It’s a game-changing tool for hospital RCM, and CEOs are asking for AI solutions and the benefits they bring to the RCM process. These include generating more cash faster, reducing human touches, increasing efficiencies and lowering costs.

Introducing SARA

Meduit leads the industry with innovative solutions under the MeduitAITM umbrella. By leveraging AI and incorporating Robotic Process Automation (RPA), these solutions help maximize the revenue cycle and accelerate cash to providers. SARA – short for Supervised Autonomous Revenue Associate – is Meduit’s family of web bots, designed to solve specific revenue cycle tasks.

Jason Petrasich, Meduit’s Senior Vice President of AI, led the development of SARA to solve a specific challenge related to Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBS NC). BCBS NC provides actionable information using a set of proprietary reason codes that are not available in a standard ANSI 277 message. A large provider client needed an efficient process to retrieve this granular status of claims from the BCBS website and report that status with any relevant notes back to the patient electronic file.

How SARA Works

An autonomous web bot in the SARA family performs this task. It reads everything it needs from the provider’s patient accounting system, parses the claim, accesses the payer website to retrieve the information and formats the findings into an easy-to-read note that is posted directly back into the provider’s patient accounting system. Claim rejections and error details are documented in the notes. The solution handles complex searches including out of state Blue Cross plans. No IT integration was required by the provider to implement this solution, so it was zero upfront investment cost. The provider simply entered a set of remote access user credentials and BCBS NC credentials.

The bot is doing the work of 12 full time employees for the provider. For those who are challenged to find experienced, qualified employees to support their revenue cycle operation, AI is a game changer that will deliver month after month after month.

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