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Posted by Meduit RCM on Sep 13, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Artificial Intelligence is Driving Autonomous Coding

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to have a big impact on the revenue cycle process. Today’s healthcare providers are looking to AI for revenue cycle solutions that will help them reduce costs and become more efficient.

As an RCM solutions industry leader, Meduit is carving out the path for current and future AI products and services and is dedicated to bringing the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies, like AI, that elevate accounts receivable and accelerate cash to providers’ bottom lines. To that end, Meduit has just launched a new product called MedAutoCode that leverages AI technologies for chart coding to fuel efficiency and drive chart accuracy.


How MedAutoCode Works

MedAutoCode leverages AI and natural language understanding (NLU) to recreate a patient visit and assign accurate, real-time medical codes to the chart with zero human interaction. It’s a groundbreaking technology that eliminates manual processes to lower operational costs, improve coding accuracy and reduce A/R time.

Here’s how MedAutoCode works. Charts are fed from the provider’s EMR to MedAutoCode which automatically identifies and captures every clinical aspect of a chart. The system understands what is relevant as well as the most accurate code to use and assigns codes only for charts it fully understands.

MedAutoCode requires fewer than 5 seconds to code a patient chart and requires no human intervention. Unhandled charts are returned for human coding. The program has built-in quality control through auto-validation, as each chart goes through a multi-step linguistic, narrative and clinical validation to ensure that MedAutoCode fully understands the chart. Successfully coded and validated charts are complimented with an audit trail with full visibility into the reasons for each assigned medical code.


MedAutoCode Delivers Measurable Results

MedAutoCode leverages AI technologies for autonomous coding to derive savings through:

  • Optimized processes and improved coding accuracy
  • Efficient coding with parallel autonomous and manual coding
  • Enhanced compliance, auditing and denial handling due to transparency in assigning CPT, ICD10 and E&M codes
  • Identification of missing documentation required for higher level of service
  • Definition of clinical documentation improvement initiatives for reduced days in A/R and improved coding speed of accuracy

MedAutoCode’s chart accuracy is a 98% human to machine code match. MedAutoCode processes up to 80% of ER codes in an automated manner with no human intervention.

The future of autonomous chart coding via AI is here. To learn more about how your organization can reduce costs and improve accuracy with MedAutoCode, visit

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